Network Monitor Project

What is this project?

There is one goal in mind for this project:
To provide good quality information so network problems go away quickly.

The idea is to have low-lost capturing devices right at the point where traffic is passing.
This enables network engineers to find problems more effectively and cuts support costs.

How does is work?

Each device is built from mature low-cost commodity hardware and mature open source tools.
You pay for the device and full support and training.

You install these boxes into your network so they capture every packet for inspection.
We will work with your network engineers to get the devices installed and providing useful data.

You install these devices everywhere so your whole network is intimately monitored.
When a problem occurs you already have all the information you need to quickly assess the problem and get the solution.

How much will it cost?

We are confident you will find that actually this product will not cost anything in the long run.